• GENECH aims the trusted business that we are called "Partner" from our customers.
  • In order to gain trust from our customers, we will try to build good communication that can feel emotions and thoughtfulness.
  • The thing that our customers will feel is our attitude to value humane.
This is our creed that we have consistently cherished since founding.
Today, computer and IT services are indispensable for business management.

We have provided safe and secure IT services as a system integrator.

In addition, we will keep supporting our customers through IT services and continue being their best partner.

4 conditions to persist the creed of GENECH

【Respect】 Wear a business suit, have a business card, politely bow, and the word, "Osewani-natteorimasu."
This is the message of "I am respect of you," and it is nothing special in business.
Business will be succeeded with your polite attitude.
【Sincerity】 You do waht you say.It leads to the success of the customer's business.
Strive constantly to improve own ability for customer satisfaction.
This behavior is called "Sincerity," and it is a dispensable thing for being customer's best partner.
【Humane】 To feel the feelings of others and to share them are humane.
Expressing your emotions obediently and building communication will lead to finding true needs of the customers and become the first step of good works.
It is impossible to hear true customer's voice if shut your mind.
【Growth】 It is necessary to keep trying to improve your capability for providing the things that lead to the business success for the customers.
The brain that can propose, the skill that reaches the goal are necessary ability to be called "Partner" from customers.
It will be possible to earn these abilities for the first time through self-improvement.


GENECH Culture that Values Communication

We value communication with customers, and our IT service is for realizing the customers' needs.

We not only build a system, but also communicate well with customers, and we aim to be a company that understands the corporate culture and the business policy. We hope to be the company that can provide the best-matched system for their business promotion.

In addition, we value not only communication with the customers, but also the communication with the employees. The presence of a colleague working together is encouraging. By sharing the organization's goal, discussing to reach it, and sometimes hearing worries, the human connection will get stronger

We are making a strong organization through communicating a lot in a company.

Providing the environment of growth
The most important thing for people to grow is to gain experience.
It is difficult to gain experience without an environment that can challenge new things.

Based on the idea of "trying first without fear of failure,"
we create a lot of growth places for our employees.