Field Business Service
(on site type support)

We will team up with our regular employees of our company, contract employees and partner company engineers to stay at customers and develop systems and operations.
We can correspond from any process, including requirement definition, design, development, testing, maintenance development etc.
We will support you in a form that matches your request, such as collective development, outsourcing, engineer dispatch.

We will correspond flexibly to develop methods, development field, and development environment such as business system and software.
In addition, We will not only participate in development or operations, but also understand our customers' culture and business policy as a business partner.

【Main Support Areas】

Business system development
Production management system, Sales management system, Logistics system
Quality management system, Net bank management system, Facility reservation management system
Inbound shipment management system, Store management system
POS system, Financial information management system

Language used:Java, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VB6.0

Product Software Development
Various microcomputer development, Device driver development, Image processing application, IC tag reading
Traffic solution, Touch panel, Medical equipment
Vibration control device, In-vehicle device, Inspection device control

Language used:C, C++, C#, Java
Technical Field:8~64bit, ITORN, VxWorks, Linux

Web Application Development
TV conference system, EC site, File transfer application, Communication site
Game seminar scoring system, Data warehouse

Language used:Java、PHP

Mobile Application Development
File transfer service(Android version), Character mail(iOS version), E-book browses application(iOS version)
Drawing application(iOS version), Development of web system of the smartphone version(Android version、iOS version)
File storage system(iOS version)

Language used:Java, Objective-C

Building a Network Server
Network design・construction, Network server operation design, Inter-siteVPN
Firewall implementation, ActiveDirectry server construction
Antivirus, Server virtualization, Load balancing

Technical Field:Cisco, VMware, Xen, Hyper-V

Server Operation Management
Problem handling, Problem management, Backup plan, Batch job plan, User adjustment, User account management
Production Environment:Windows Server,UNIX Linux,Various host computers, Various office computers

System Operations
Core system, e-learning system, Quality management system
Responding to inquiries from users, Suggesting improvement

Help Desk
Internal help desk(office sftware・windows etc), Primary response center(TEL、Mail)
Performance:Help desk for a major insurance company, Help desk for electric manufacturers etc.

Commissioned Development Service

We will provide a reliable computer system according to the customer's strategy, problem solving, and request of our internal development team.
The specialists with solid technical skills and enough experience will provide consistent services from requirement definition to development and maintenance.

【Development Record】

Sales management system, Store management system, Quality management system, Building facility management system,
Human resources DB system, e-learning content creation, Product search system, Information sharing portal site,
POS basic information etc.

Development Field:Web, C/S, Product application, Mobile application development
Language used:Java, PHP, C#, VB.NET, VB6.0, Objective-C etc.

Industry System Language・Environment Contents
Manufacture Sales management system Java, Servlet, JSP, Tomcat, Oracle Sales management system for construction materials manufacturer
Unit price revision workflow, Development of master maintenance function
Manufacture Quality management system PHP, PostgreSQL Systemzation of process quality control for major manufacturing industry
Based on the concept of the current C/S system, reconstructed on the web system
Manufacture Production control・Qaulity management
System maintenance
Intra-mart(script development), AS400, UNIX shell(bash),
Windows, RedHatLinux、Apache,PostgreSQL, Oracle
Development of quality management system with PHP・DELPHI
Development of systems operating on Intra-mart
Development of core system by AS400(mainly product control/sales management)
Maintenance of core system for major manufacturing industry
Manufacture Product search system Java,MySQL For smart terminals, system that introduces products to the outside and calculates a simple estimate(server is an external rental server)
Suggestion and introduction of system
Manufacture Current monitoring system EXCEL2002, ACCESS2002 Building current monitoring system
Manufacture Travel expenses clearing system Delphi, Oracle8i Travel expenses clearance input and output system
which cooperated with the other package software
Manufacture Cutting dreill calculator Objective-C System that performs compatible cutting drill selection calculation
Precision Tool Inspection device control system VC++ Development of control system for reagent analyzer for a major bio-related laboratory
Communication with the device and graph display of collecting data
Precision Tool Vibration control device
linkage system
VC++ A system that controls the movement of the vibration generator for experiments
Enter the parameters in the GUI, and perform data linkage
Food Purchasing management system
for a major food manufacturer
VB.NET, Oracle9.2i Purchasing total system development up to cooperation to accounting package(GLOVIA-C)
Food Raw material management system ASP.NET2003, SQLServer2000 Cooking cost control and cooking recipe management system
Pharmaceutical Reagent management VB6.0, Oracle 8i Reagent information management, Reagent search, Inventory control, Catalog management
Pharmaceutical Reagent delivery management ASP, Oracle 8i Systematization of processes from reagent delivery request to delivery completion from department or person in charge
Chemicals Chemical loading and unloading system(iPhone・Android) Objective-C(iPhone), ObjectiveJava(Android), ASP.NET2008 Contents:Smart terminal version system of existing reagent loading and unloading system(WEB)
Securities Shareholder voting system
for securities agency
Java, Servlet, JSP, Tomcat, Oracle Development of web voting system at the shareholders meeting
Development of aggregation system
Finance Information sharing system
for regional bank
ASP, PHP At each branch, deposit amount, number of customers, number of subscribers are predicted and registered from the screen with the actual result
Reference at the headquarters in graph form and table form
Finance Internet banking document management system
for banks
VB.Net 2005, SQLServer2005, Crystal Report, SPREAD, InputMan Document management system for banks. System that checks and matches documents received via the internet or sealed letters
of approval or remand. Mainly responsible for external design
Facility Component table search system Java(Struts+iBatis),
Oracle 10g
System that searches a parts composition table for equipment maintenance industry
Function addition
Facility Material system Java(SAStruts+S2JDBC), JasperReport, jQuery, Oracle 10g Purchase and inventory control system of materials for maintenance industry
From basic construction and development and maintenance
Building management Building audit system renovation Java1.4(struts), Oracle10g Web system for monitoring center that receives alarm information from alarm devices installed in each building.
A system that automatically notifles to the security company and the administrator when an alarm occurs or restored
A system that outputs the form in units of a fixed period
The difference from the ASP version is not only receiving the alarm information, but also using the CPU communication
In addition, it is possible to customize each function for each company
Building management System of ASP version building
facility management
Java1.4(struts), Oracle10g Renovation of the ASP version building monitoring system
A system that automatically notifles to the security company and the administrator when an alarm occurs or restored
A system that outputs the form in units of a fixed period
In addition, it communicates with Ping to search if the alarm works at each building by the Ping monitoring processing
Information Terminal information disclosure system Java, Servlet, JSP(SAStruts・S2JDBC), SQLServer2005 Terminal control system for major information system company
It manages internal machine information and virus detection status
Information File storage system VB.NET2008 C/S version application of file storage web system
From basic construction and combined test
Information Transfer large file
Total service
PHP, PostgreSQL File storage web system
Information Transfer large file
Service Android version
PHP, PostgreSQL Android version of File storage web system
Information File storage
system for iPhone
Objective-C iPhone version application of file storage web system
From requirement definition and introduction
Education Pass or fail judgment system VB.NET, FreeBSD Web system to inform candidates of entrance examination results of middle and high schools(BtoC system)
Education Information sharing portal site ASP.NET2005, Oracle10g Portal site system for information sharing between educational institution and graders
From requirement definition and introduction
Education Teaching materials
portal system
PHP 5, MySQL Apache Development of sales system for teaching material contents in dental education
Development of portal system for class management for university
Used server is Cloud Cube
Service Teleconference system Java, Servlet, JSP(Struts, Tomcat, Oracle, PostgreSQL Teleconferencing system using dedicated client software for Windows and web together
Development of a front-end web application, ActiveX, used by end users
Service POS system VB.NET, Oracle10g POS system of 100 stores
Linking to data analysis (DIAPRISM)
Service Data ware house Java, Servlet, JSP(Struts), Tomcat, Oracle, PostgreSQL Data analysis of deta warehouse,DIAPRISM
Service Sending mail with voice
Objective-C, MacOS Software by sending mail with voice for consumers. Register voice message and a character you like such as a cat or a dog.
Voice tone is converted like voice changer when the message is registered and voice mail is created.
When receiving the voice mail, the voice is played and the message is read as if the character is talking
Service E-book browsing software Objective-C, MacOS Electronic files such as e-books and electronic brochures can be viewed on iPad
You can browse the page to actually turn over the book's page
In addition to books, you can make effective use of carrying large quantities of data, such as digitizing manuals used inside the company and digitizing design drawings.
Service iPad drawing
Objective-C A system that performs paint colorings on an internally transmitted the base image and performs server transmission.
Temporary staffing servive Personnel database system maintenance Java, PostgreSQL A web system that manages temporary staff and outputs forms of contract documents
In charge of additional functions
Advertisement Job search site Java, SQL Server A construction system for job search support site
Advertisement Development of job site "Query" Java(iBATIS), SQLServer2005 Development of DB access library for job search site
Game Game seminar scoring
Java, MySQL, Linux A web system(In-house) that browses inputs of examination evaluation for game seminar applicants and evaluation in it.
Rental Container rental
Sales management system
Coldfusion, Oracle A system that handles container shipment, inventory control, rental sales, billing and collection
Centralized management of distributed input from the head office, depot center vendor
Restaurant POS basic information management system
for major fast food company
VB6.0, SQL Server Backyard system to cooperate the product information of the head office for POS register at each store.
Transportation In vehicle device data analysis VB.NET The bsic function of the system that processes the data outputted from the vehicle device and analyses.
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