We are seeking our business partner

We have established a system that can respond to the needs of our business partners though software and system development, and have worked together with many of them to create collaborative achievements

Today, our employees and business partners organize a team of 5 to 20 employees at the core system development and various product software development to support for major companies.

As a member of the project, we assign talented persons for the project success, regardless of type of employment such as a company employee, contract employee, and freelance as well as career or age.
Depending on the project, it is not uncommon to organize a system with partner employees as project leaders.

We hope to realize transaction expansion, acquisition of new customers, and creation of new business while making full use of our strengths of sales skills and system development knowledge and the strengths of our business partners.

In the future, we are looking for business partners who can cooperate with us for the further development of our company. We hope that we can coexist and co-prosper with your company and develop together.

Only information exchange is fine, so we are waiting for your contact.

Kyoto Head Office