President's Message

GENECH President & CEO Toshiki Arai

The busisness that we are called "Partner" from our customers.
This is the image of business that GENECH aims for.
It is a founder, Yoshihiko Mima's intention, and also my faithless belief inherited.
With this intention, GENECH employees have continued to move forward.
We have been able to celebrate our 25th anniversary by developing the system development business and the consulting business based on personnel proposal dispatch business specialized for IT engineers.

The attitude that aims to be a partner for customers is the universal business law that creates true added value, and it is also our task to pursue.
We will further strengthen our corporate constitution with consideration for enhancement and stability of existing business, challenging new business, expanding and extending.
Furthermore, we will commit to devoting our utmost to developing human resources who are responsible for the next generation, which is the most important for companies.

A person creates work, people are polished by work, innovation is constantly being repeated in the process.
In order to become a "company desirous from the future", each of our employees will have a dream and pride.
In additon, We will strive for creative and ingenious with courage and enthusiasm and develop our business.
GENECH Corporation President & CEO Toshiki Arai